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Hello there!  
My name is Nicole Walker and I am the Librarian for Troup Middle School!  This is my very first year with Troup ISD and by far... the best district ever!  Not only am I surrounded by one of a kind coworkers but, also by some pretty amazing middle school kiddos' as well!  They make my job fun!  Below is some helpful information on how I can assist your student in the library!  Should you need to contact me, I can be reached by email at or you may call 903.842.3081 EXT-1302.
 Whether you know exactly what you need or if you need advice on where to start, I can certainly help you find a book that you will enjoy reading!  My goal is to show each person that there is something for everyone in reading!!  Each student may check out 2 books at a time and keep the books for a 2 week period.  Due dates are always stamped in the front of each book upon check out.
 7th and 8th grade students each have their own MacBook.  The library is the go to center when MacBook issues arise and will be where they need to start.  Most of the time, I can fix the issue and send them on their way.  Occasionally, a MacBook will have to be kept and worked on by the district technology staff or may even sometimes need to be sent to apple to be worked on. 
 The library has 6 desktop computers for students to use for research and a printer is also available should they need to print for an assignment.  All they need to do is check in with me and I can help get them started.